Sunday, 30 March 2014


How far does our imagination go?
Is everything we think something new? Crisp and fresh.
Or are our thoughts already there, waiting to be stumbled across? Old and recycled.

A rainbow full of colours yet we can't find a combination that hasn't already been mixed. Everything we think has already been thought a thousand times before.

There are over a million words in the English language but every pattern, every arrangement has been spoken before - you could say there is no more to be said.

I sit here, on this bench, surrounded by nature, such a beautiful, perfect thing. But not only that, there are creations, little things that aren't just there. Things that somebody must have thought of: cars, coffee, cigarette lighters. All these things, where did they come from? Somebody must have thought of them, little conveniences to make our lives easier, more comfortable, a break from reality. But seriously, where did the ideas come from? Were they there all along, waiting to be found?

Everything must have bloomed from a single seed, but where was this seed and who found it?

Is there an answer, a way of working out what will happen next? Or is life completely unknown, are we trapped inside this labyrinth with no way out?

Imagine how far you would stretch your imagination, if only you could.

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